Muhammad Ali Lakhani

Born and raised in a respected Dubai-based family, Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is a techie, certified sailor, and entrepreneur. He belongs to a shipping business family but he made his way to various fields. He traveled to the UK, the UAE and the USA in his teenage years. He set some significant benchmarks in his shipping business. He started his career in shipping in the UK and moved back to the UAE to continue his business for the last seven years.

Professional Career and Early Years

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani had proven his unmatched skills in his early years and developed immense talent in tennis. He was so bright that Mr. Tahir Lakhani observed his interest and talent in tennis. His father never wanted to waste his talent. So, he encouraged him to follow his dreams in the same field.  As a result, he got indulged in strict training and invested a lot of his efforts and time in studies and training.

Ali Lakhani Dubai bagged an opportunity to represent the UAE National Team thanks to his talent and dedication. He got further training in the US and polished his skills on a vast scale by joining Florida-based Saddlebrook Tennis Academy. He faced an unfortunate accident and he had to leave his professional sports career. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Fund was shocked that he had to give up on one of his dreams. But he never looked back and pursued his shipping career.

To become a recognized entrepreneur, he always knew that experience and education are two important aspects in a person’s life. So, he decided to level up his skills in the shipping industry. He completed his graduation in the UK by joining Maritime Business & Law. He gained some hands-on experience by working with several MNCs in London after his graduation.

His hobbies and interests

Along with being a keen entrepreneur, Ali Lakhani Shipping worked in technology and developed various unmanned aerial vehicles. He always comes forward as an important asset, be it tennis or professional life. He has always shown his prowess being a leading entrepreneur like his father. He moved back to the UAE and has been continuing his operations for the past seven years. He also developed his UAVs for the shipping industry. He also conducts testing and monitoring of those devices on a regular basis. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai also had a dream to make a foray in drone solutions. He helped UAE ports with added services through his venture, such as surveillance and drone delivery.

Muhammad Ali Lakhani